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1xbet 우회 with additional addresses makes visiting the betting platform safe and convenient. South Korea has a ban on all gambling entertainment. There are no casinos or physical betting outlets in the country. While the regulation of gambling is under the control of the government, international companies such as 1xbet are forced to find an alternative to operate in the banned zones.

What gives a 1xbet mirror

With the help of an additional address, 1xbet customers can easily access the site, place bets 24/7, participate in all promotions and bonuses, deposit and withdraw winnings.

International betting is not limited to South Korea alone. Programmers constantly update the backup database and create a new URL every week.

Its main purpose is to connect accounts and synchronise their work, copying data from the official site and transferring it to a cloud server for storage.

1xbet 우회 can be performed not only by Korean players. The country’s law does not prescribe responsibility for the use of illegal sites. Blocking concerns only the bookmaker itself. The choice of Koreans is obvious, because 1xbet has no analogues in the country. It has the best quotes and the most extensive offers in the sports market. He developed a unique bonus system and placed modern slot machines. On the portal you can prove yourself from different sides: make a non-sports forecast, predict the fall/growth of the dollar or bet on the totalisator.

With the help of a mirror you can bypass the blocking and do it quickly, without harming your PC. During registration, sign up for the newsletter so that news and additional addresses come to your email.

Why a player’s account can get locked

There are several reasons why a player cannot access their account. The first is an external blocking, when the mirror of the site under restricted access, stops opening. This means that this address is sent to the blacklist by local providers.

There is a blocking of the personal account, which is called internal. The player is himself to blame for the fact that his account is stopped.

All the reasons are specified in the main document that the client signs during registration. It is called “Terms and Conditions” and is located in the footer on the home page.

If you use fraudulent betting schemes, or contractual matches, or your account is a platform for transferring illegal investments – all these forms of behaviour the bookmaker will classify as illegal and disable your account.

By the way, the offer states that, in case of proven fraud, the bookmaker reserves the right to keep all funds from the player’s account.


1xbet 우회 can be performed from any device: PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. The bypass is needed for all users from South Korea, as access to the official games portal in the country is completely closed. Additional addresses are updated on the Web, free app installation is allowed, as well as the use of proxies or sites with anonymisers.

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