Betting calculation: what points a bettor should pay close attention to

When calculating bets, a bettor should consider many factors to increase his chances of a successful outcome. Here are the main points to pay attention to.

Analysing teams and players

    • Teams’ form. Analyse the latest results, the team’s form at home and away matches.
    • Team composition. Injuries, disqualifications and general readiness of players.
    • Form of key players. Influence of the best players on the team’s performance.

    Statistics and history of head-to-head encounters

    • Past encounters. How the teams have played each other in the past.
    • Home and away games. Team results in home and away games.

    Strategic and tactical aspects

    • Team tactics. Understanding the playing style and tactics of teams.
    • Changes in tactics. The effect of changes in squad and tactical scheme on team play.

    Psychological and motivational factors

    • Motivation. Importance of the match for the teams (tournament position, derby, principal meetings).
    • Psychological state. Internal conflicts in the team, influence of previous results.

    Conditions of the match

    • Weather conditions. Influence of weather on the outcome of the match.
    • Field quality. Type of surface and its condition.


    • The referee of the match. Statistics and refereeing style of a particular referee.
    • Yellow and red cards. Average number of cards issued by the referee in past matches.

    Odds and line movements

    • Odds changes. Analysing the movement of odds since their publication.
    • Betting market. Betting volume and popular selections among other bettors.

    Statistics and analytics

    • Team stats. Goals, goals conceded, possession, shots on goal.
    • Individual stats. Statistics of top scorers, assistants, goalkeepers.

    Expert forecasts and opinions

    • Expert analyses. Forecasts and opinions of sports analysts.
    • Insider information. Possible information from sources close to the teams.

    Bankroll management

    • Bet size. Determining the optimal bet size depending on the bankroll size.
    • Betting systems. Use of strategies (e.g. fixed percentage, Kelly criterion).

    Long-term strategy

    • Analysing long-term form. Evaluating teams and players over a long period of time.
    • Long-term betting. Betting on the outcomes of tournaments, championships and other competitions.


    For the successful calculation of bets, a comprehensive and comprehensive study of all the above factors is necessary. Bettors must be able to analyse information, use various sources and methods of analysis to make informed decisions. It is important to remember that betting is always associated with risk, and a reasonable approach to bankroll management and betting strategy plays a key role in the long term.