Sources of information for analysing a football match

To analyse a football match, you can use various sources of information that provide data on teams, players, tactics and statistics. Here are some of the most useful and popular sources.

Official league and team websites

  • League websites (e.g. Premier League, La Liga, Serie A) provide official statistics, match schedules, results, news and analyses.
  • Club websites. often contain detailed information about the squad, interviews with players and coaches, training reports and other exclusive material.

Statistical portals

  • Opta. One of the leading providers of sports statistics, provides data on various aspects of the game such as ball possession, shots on goal, accuracy of passes and more.
  • WhoScored offers detailed match statistics, player ratings and analytical articles.
  • SofaScore provides real-time match information, statistics, player and team performance analysis.
  • FotMob is an app and website offering match statistics, news and player ratings.

Analytics platforms

  • Squawka analyses match data and provides visualisations to help understand tactics and performance.
  • Instat is a professional platform used by clubs and analysts for detailed match analysis, with access to video and statistics.
  • Wyscout is another professional platform that provides access to an extensive database of video and match analytics.

Social media and blogs

  • Twitter. Many football analysts, journalists and experts share their insights and analysis in real time.
  • YouTube – channels such as Tifo Football provides in-depth tactical breakdowns and match analyses.
  • Blogs and forums – specialised websites and forums such as Reddit can be useful for discussions and sharing insights with other fans and experts.

Sports media and news resources

  • ESPN offers news, statistics and analysis on various leagues and tournaments.
  • BBC Sport covers major events in the world of football and provides analyses and interviews.
  • Sky Sports broadcasts matches and offers analysis programmes, interviews and statistics.

Football apps

  • OneFootball provides news, results, statistics and video match reviews.
  • LiveScore is an app for tracking live match results and also provides statistics and news.

Football databases and archives

  • Transfermarkt – huge database of players, teams, transfers and statistics.
  • FBref provides detailed statistics on players and teams, including advanced metrics.

Broadcasts and match recordings

  • Official Broadcasters. Watching matches live or recorded on platforms such as DAZN, ESPN+, Amazon Prime allows you to make your own analyses of the game.
  • Football archives – websites and platforms where you can find recordings of old matches to analyse.

Using a combination of these sources, you can get a comprehensive view of a football match and make in-depth analyses of various aspects of the game.