Message from the Chairman

Salisbury City Chairman William Harrison-Allan has released a statement to clarify the club’s position following the filing of a winding up petition by HM Revenue & Customs.

The statement posted on the club’s official website read:

You may become aware of a winding up petition having been filed by HMRC on Salisbury City football club and which was lodged with Companies House on Wednesday.

The club were contacted on 2nd April by HMRC for a total debt of £43,629 consisting of 2 months of PAYE and 1 quarters VAT.

On 10th April the club paid the VAT and 1 month’s PAYE totalling £27,529. This left one month of the PAYE remaining totalling £15,270 to be paid.

On 26th April the club was surprised to be served with a winding up petition dated 11th April for the full £43,629 giving the club until 10th June to clear the debt.

We contacted our debt manager at HMRC that afternoon who confirmed receipt of the payments but that as the winding up petition had already been served that it could not be withdrawn until the remaining £15,270 plus their fee of £830 had been paid.

The club have now made this payment.

As Chairman, I am sorry if this situation has caused the fans and staff of the club any anxiety. However, as you can imagine, myself and the Board were none too happy that HMRC felt that it was necessary to issue proceedings, particularly as we had paid a substantial amount before the petition was issued.

The Board would like to clarify that all of the CVA payments were made on time and in line with requirements and that these finished in December 2012.

The Board would also like to confirm that all staff wages including players have all been made and are up to date.

The Chairman and the Board now look forward to the Play-Off final on Sunday and congratulate Darrell Clarke, his management team and the players for a wonderful season.

William Harrison-Allan


Posted: Friday , May 10, 2013